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What We Are About:

Consortium was formed by like-minded players of the popular FPSMMO Planetside 2 during the Beta stage back in 2012. With our organisation, comradery and commitment to infantry based gameplay we quickly made a reputation for ourselves as one of the most reliable and effective outfits on the Miller server. With regular, organised play sessions (Ops), training and competitive teams we have built a community focused on teamwork and maximising the enjoyment we get from our time online and in-game.

Since our conception Consortium has become more than a Planetside 2 Outfit. We are a Gaming Community, with regular organised gaming sessions in many popular titles. The website, forums and dedicated Teamspeak server all enable us to make the most of the increasingly diverse range of games available – from FPS to MMO, Consortium lead the way, all the way!


"Our strength does not lie within the individual player’s skill. We are not any better players than anyone else. Our strength and effectiveness comes from our organisation, teamwork and dedication." 

Baptist, Community Leader


Our members are from all over the world, but we do ask that you must have a reasonable understanding of the spoken English language.

We do not have age restrictions but this is the internet, we strive for a safe and pleasant environment for all our members but unfortunately we cannot be responsible for very young gamers (under 15) but exceptions can be made.

We don’t have level requirements or feel the need to inspect your gear on a regular basis, but we do ask that you get involved. You must be willing to use Teamspeak 3 (Mic isn't necessary, but advantageous.) especially when you are in a squad or party with other members of Consortium.

The more active and involved you are within the community the more you will get out of it. 

How to Apply.

If you are interested in joining our growing community, please ensure you fill out an Application Form.  All applications will be considered on an individual basis and are reviewed by the officers, you will be asked to attend a casual interview on our Teamspeak server.

Unfortunately we will not accept registrations to the forums without an application also being submitted.


Community Leaders:






Kable - Community Relations & Recruitment Officer

CaptainMemo - Squad / Platoon Leader - Recruitment Officer

Osiris371 - Lead Web Administrator

Redpoin7 - Training Officer

Robertinho95 - Community Relations & Tech Officer


AlexS189 Boxdirty
CptCaveman GaussOP
HuorCQB       KingBeer
Kogoros Krumix
Macky Raigy

(Yardboss's are there to help with recruitment and general organisation and logistics, to facilitate this they hold Officer (Enforcer) rank in-game)